with Drake


Drake in charge

Me: Okay, Buddy, I’m going to my class! Have fun with Daddy! I’ll come kiss you goodnight when I get back.
Drake: Okay Mom!
glances at Adrian.
Drake: Ummm, I’m in charge while you’re gone, right?


Conversation with Drake, while we tidied up his room

Me, when I heard him slipping into playing with his toy cars instead of picking up: Hey, my love, are you cleaning or playing?
Drake, with a sheepish smile: Ummmmm, I’m multitasking?


Drake's got game

Drake, while he gives me a big hug: Mom, you’re sooooo beautiful and soooo cute today.
Me: Thanks, Buddy!
Drake: Did you do something different with your hairs?
Me: I don’t think so.
Drake: Well they look really good.
Me: Thanks!
****long, awkward pause****
Drake: So….I need to ask you for something.

(It was a new racetrack. The kid’s got game.)


Drake's rules of racing, as explained to his Hotwheels this morning

“No bumping, no pushing, no pooping, no throwing socks, no pinching. Violations of the rules get a time out pit stop.”


Conversation with Drake AND CAPTAIN AMERICA:

Cap: let’s take a picture with super hero poses!
Drake: okay! You be Captain America! I’ll be HULK!
Cap strikes a pose with his shield, Drake throws down his best Hulk SMASH, and I take my favorite photo in the history of the world


Conversation with Drake, and Daddy and Yammo Melissa

Daddy: You and Yammo Melissa should play tip tap toe tonight (Drake’s name for tic tac toe).
Drake, in a superior tone: I’m very good at it. 
Yammo: And humble.
Drake: No. I’m not good at humble.


Drake and Netflix

Drake enters the room as I select a show on Netflix
Drake: Mommy, I want to build all my big tracks in the living room! Don’t turn on a show, it will distract me so much!
Me: What if I pick something really boring that you won’t want to watch?
I turn on the old BBC Pride and Prejudice mini series
|Drake: Perfect! I hate this! I won’t want to watch it at all!


Drake asks about death

Drake: Mommy, what if you die before I’m big?
Me: I’m not planning on dying before you’re big, honey. You don’t need to be worried.
Drake: But if you do, who will make my dinners just how I like and do all the things just how I like?
Me: What about Daddy? Can’t Daddy do those things?
Drake, rolling his eyes: Mom. Have you even met Daddy?
He really loves his Daddy. Not so confident in his dinner making abilities, though.


Drake and Henry

Henry (6 months old) sees Drake’s dirty bare feet and immediately starts trying to chew them
Hannah: *gasps in horror at the germs going into her baby’s mouth*
Drake: RELAX, Nana Hookum! It’s not like he has any teeth or anything!
Oh, Drake. Always looking out for number one.


Conversation with a very sad Drake

Drake: Mommy, I feel worried about dying.
Me: Why are you worried, sweet guy?
Drake: What if Jesus decides it’s my time and he pokes a hole in me and I die? What if it hurts? What if I’m not Drake any more when I’m in heaven? What if you aren’t my mommy anymore?
Me: Wow, Drake. Some of those questions are big questions. But I know that you will ALWAYS be Drake–God made you to be just like you are. And I’ll always love you! And Jesus doesn’t poke holes in people, Honey. He will only take you home to Heaven when it’s the right thing to do.
Drake: Okay. Okay. As long as nobody is poking any holes in me.